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Music and Arts

Trinity Lutheran Church of Staten Island has an abiding love for and commitment to the creation of art, especially music.  Our commitment to the arts is grounded in our understanding that human beings are made in the image of God, the creator.  Human beings, thus, are created co-creators who live out their faith identity, in part, through the creation of beauty.  As a Lutheran church, we build on our musical history that starts in the 16th century, and finds exalted expression in classical (Lutheran) composers for the organ and choir like M. Praetorius, J.S. Bach, D. Buxtehude, and G.F. Handel.  But we likewise value music composed in all eras and styles that help listeners experience the transformative grace and love of God.  In one Trinity worship service you are likely to hear a Bach prelude on the organ, classical hymns song by the congregation, a classical choral work, along with hymns in the African American, American and Global folk traditions, and even a solo secular pop song that placed in a church setting takes on a new, revelatory quality.

Our sanctuary is also a space of great beauty and awe.  Our cathedral-like architecture draws our eyes and spirits upward. Light is filtered through a collection of vibrant, dynamic stained glass windows.  We use pieces of visual art to create prayer stations and give us new perspectives into God's being.

We encourage people not only to experience but also create the art we share.  We invite you to bring your artistic gifts to our community and join in our choirs and special musical initiatives.

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Jazz Vespers

Under the leadership of our new pastor, Pr. Stephanie Jaeger, Trinity is piloting a Jazz Vespers service drawing on the talents of different exceptional Jazz musicians and groups for each gathering.  Each interfaith Jazz Vespers includes multiple sets of jazz music, with prayers and a reflection by Pr. Stephanie interspersed. Our next Jazz Vespers is Saturday, September 9 at 5pm, featuring Chris Dawson on piano.  Please email to get on our Jazz Vespers mailing list.

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Trinity Choir

Trinity Choir sings at most Sunday services during the program year (September to June).  We rehearse Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am.  Most of our choral music is in 4-part, occasionally 2-part harmony.  There are ample opportunities for small group, quartet, and solo performance as well, under the direction of our music director. New voices are always welcome. Please email our music director to join the choir!

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Community Concerts

Multiple times a year, Trinity hosts musical concerts and gatherings featuring different local artists and choral groups, along with Trinity's own talent.  If you are interested in attending or singing in our community musical events, please contact the church office for more information.

Upcoming Concerts include

Sunday, October 29, 4pm: Upstairs/Downstairs Music Concert featuring organ and choral music in our sanctuary, followed by a coffeehouse/jazz club vibe with refreshments in our auditorium.  Suggested donation: $20, cash bar.

In December, date/time TBA: Advent Choral Concert featuring Advent and Christmas chorales and favorite carols.

In April 2024, date/time TBA: Choral Concert

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